Launch Copywriter For Ambitious AF Brands

Words That Connect

For Launches That Convert

Data-Driven, science Backed

(but still Oozing Personality)

Launch Copywriter for Ambitious Brands

Words That Connect

for Launches that Convert

Data-Driven, science Backed

(but still Oozing Personality)

VIP Day Launch Copy ~ Live Launch Funnel ~ Brand Strategy Playbook

I don’t want you to *like* YOUR copy

I want you to love the results.

Anyone can write something that “sounds good"...

I create results through strategic, connection-driven copy fused with deep-rooted strategy.

If you’re ready to...

  • Take your launches to the next level and achieve even greater results.

  • Elevate your brand messaging to attract high-quality leads and convert them effortlessly.

  • Step into the spotlight with confidence and differentiate yourself as an industry leader.

My superpower lies in revealing your authentic brand voice and crafting captivating copy that propels you from niche competitor to industry-leading force.

With an "I really freakin' care" about your success attitude, I pour my heart into every word to ensure your impact and income soars to unimaginable heights.

celebrating a successful launch

Own me for the day

VIP Day: Launch Copy

Need your copy written ASAP?

Stay ahead of your deadline and fuel your launch success with a VIP Day. This ROI-focused intensive will make your copy stand out, connect emotionally, sound like you and drive conversions.

You need a strategic partner who will bring your copy to life and whip it into jumping off-the-page conversion-ready shape that dream clients can’t resist.

In a VIP Day, we can tackle one of the following...

  • Long-form sales page

  • 5 Email launch sales campaign

  • Live event landing page & 2-3x invite emails

  • 5x live event show-up sequence and landing page

What you get:

  • Your chosen launch deliverable (above)

  • Thank you page copy (included with sales & landing pages)

  • My dedicated time for 1-day

  • Fast-turnaround copy that gets results.

Timeline: 1 day   |   Price: $2500

health and wellness copywriter for coaches
health and wellness copywriter

The whole sha'bang - New offer. New messaging.

Live Launch Funnel

You've got the vision, the passion, and the offer that's going to be transformative for your clients.

Masterminds, memberships, courses or 1:1 application only coaching. With a big launch on the horizon ensure your funnel, messaging and positioning are optimised to go off with a bang.

Using in-depth data and science backed persuasion principles, I’m ready to jump onboard and transform your launch into a 6-figure, sold-out reality.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing the most stressful part of launching is taken care of. Focus on what matters – serving clients and creating transformative programs.

What you get:

  • Primary research & discovery

  • EMC Concierge Support

  • 12x sales emails and 4x funnel pages including:

    • Live event landing page

    • Live event thank you page

    • 2x Pre-event invite emails

    • 5x Prime your audience show up campaign emails

    • Long-form sales page

    • Sales page thank you page

    • 5x post-live event sales campaign

Timeline: 4-6 weeks   |   Price: $8000

Messaging & Voice Foundations

Brand Strategy Playbook

Nail your messaging and watch your biz grow with an invaluable Brand Strategy Playbook.

The essence of your brand and how you’re perceived is the key ingredient to scalability and impact.

In-depth research to get clear on how to articulate your brand's value proposition, own your differentiation and drive brand growth through strategic messages and positioning.

Where data-driven strategy meets irresistible, personality copy.

This is the backbone of your brand and will be your most used possession to hook your audience, elevate results and create diehard paying clients.

Timeline: 4-6 weeks |   Price: $1,500 (beta pricing)

What you get:

  • Brand Messaging Strategy Guidebook including:

    • Long-form sales page and thank you page

    • 5x Launch sales campaign emails

    • Customer research - competitor campaigns, mine online reviews, analyze past results, heatmaps and analytics, review surveys and other data points.

    • 2-4x Voice of customer interviews

    • Purpose/vision/mission and positioning statements

    • Voice of customer analysis

    • Media bio

    • Unique selling proposition (USP)

    • Key differentiators

  • 3-5 client interviews

  • EMC concierge support

Timeline: 4-6 weeks |   Price: $1,500 (beta pricing)

when you’re ready to…

  • Create heart-centred copy that builds an emotional connection to dream clients.

  • Utilise data-backed persuasion strategies that don’t leave you feeling icky or salesy.

  • Clarify your messaging and positioning into a no-brainer offer.

  • Find a copywriter who gets your voice, vision and dream of impact.

  • Strategically create a copywriting and funnel masterpiece.

  • Go all in, become an industry leader and create your legacy.

Here's what You Get...

brand voice guide


I’ll research your brand to deeply understand your unique voice. Using my Magnetic Voice Guide I'll ensure all copy sounds like you but with added oomph.

You get to keep this guide to use with all future copy and messaging projects.

I’ll research your brand to deeply understand your unique voice. Using my Magnetic Voice Guide I'll ensure all copy sounds like you but with added oomph.

You get to keep this guide to use with all future copy and messaging projects.

storytelling copywriting


Using brand values, market research and offer info, I’ll unjumble your ideas and develop a hero journey for your client. My Attraction Storytelling Framework creates a strategic journey for your clients that deeply connects and positions you as the go-to expert.

Using data, client research and offer features, I’ll clarify your vision and develop a strategic client journey. My Attraction Storytelling Framework transforms this information into deeply connecting and irresistible copy.

conversion launch copy


You'll receive personality-packed, conversion copy that meets your goals, voice and vision. Your copy is designed to build trust, authority and help you stand out. Get ready for high conversions so you can create impact and live a freedom-based life.

You'll walk away with clear, data-backed copy that highlights your value, builds authority and closes sales.

If you're ready to scale your business with someone who truly cares about your success, you're in the right place.

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