When it comes to crafting copy for your biz, I’m the gal that’s going to turn your voice to gold.

(quite literally - show me the money!)

Make it fun, make it sassy and make it convert!

If you want to become a (multi) 6-figure business owner you need to have copy that knocks the socks off your clients.

It’s crowded, out there. You’re gonna need copy that makes your dream client be like, “OMG! She’s talking to me!”

I’ll find those words that have been locked up inside your head and transform them into a neat little package that’s going to make you the big bucks.

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Meet Your Copy Shark 🦈

sales page copywriter for course creators

Hey there, friend! I’m Erin, a 9-5 dropout (kinda - I was a paramedic) who fell in love with running my own biz and living a freedom-based lifestyle.

I'm now fiercely committed to helping others successfully do the same by writing personality-packed, ballsey copy.

I’m a certified triple threat marketer which means as well as writing sales copy, I know how to craft an offer that sells and nail the design. But, I knew when to step into my genius and figured it’s better to let someone else mix the colours. This means, I write copy and also know how to make it look good on a page.

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A digital nomad and full-time traveller. My creativity is sparked by new places and cultures.


Freedom (time, location or financial) as a form of currency and I want to help you achieve yours.


I'm healthy butttt... pizza and Mexican food have a special place in my heart.


When I’m not working or travelling, you’ll find me in the mountains, hiking, practicing yoga.

Feeling what I'm putting down?