Sim Sullivan

Online Fitness & Fat Loss Coach

Project: Launch Copy - Challenge Landing Page, Reminder Sequence, Sales Page & Sales Email Sequence

Online Fitness & Fat Loss Coach

Sim is a fat loss and health coach for women and mums who have tried everything and are sick of not seeing results. She focuses on lifestyle changes and advocates against restrictive diets and excessive exercise.

Launch Copywriting Project

Sim was getting ready to re-launch her 6-week program via a free 3-day challenge and needed the launch copy taken off her plate. She said she was feeling lost and had no idea how to communicate to her audience. She needed copy that clearly spoke to her audience’s pain points of wanting to lose weight but not wanting her program to center around weight/fat loss, as their actual problem is mindset and finding the root cause.

In writing Sim’s sales page copy it was important to use the vocabulary of her audience. This meant speaking to her ideal client and showing them that what they wanted was possible and that Sim would help them achieve their desired results.

I wrote her launch copy keeping consistent with ethical marketing but still used the words her ideal clients use and included plenty of results, transformations and benefits as to why her program was different and why they should sign up with Sim.

Sim’s brand voice is relatable, real and understanding as she connects deeply with her clients having struggled with eating disorders and weight and is also a mum who wants to be a powerful role model for her children. I made sure to include her personal story throughout to allow clients to connect and trust Sim as their coach for them.

Launch copy sales page
health and wellness copywriter

“Erin NAILED it”

I am better speaking to my audience and converting more. 85 challengers signed up, even though we have FB technical issues. Erin was absolutely amazing to work with, she knew exactly what I was trying to get across to my audience.

- Sim Sullivan, Health Coach

Ready for a stress-free launch? Want to convert more clients and make more money?

(well, duh Erin!)