Jordan Schanda King –

Scaling School Funnel

Project: Full Evergreen Launch Copy: Sales Page Copy, Landing Page & Tripwire Copy, Welcome Sequences & Sales Sequence Copy, Consulting.

Jordan Schanda King –

Scaling School Funnel

sales page landing page

Project: Full Evergreen Launch Copy: Sales Page Copy, Landing Page & Tripwire Copy, Welcome Sequences & Sales Sequence Copy, Consulting.

Brand voice: direct, confident, action-oriented, casual

jordan schanda king scaling school

Meet Jordan

Jordan is a serial entrepreneur who has grown her company, Easy Scaling® to a half-million-dollar agency in two years. Jordan’s mission is to make scaling easier and to help women break through industry norms for lifelong, even generational wealth and freedom. This was a shared connection point and deepened the value of our work together.

I was asked to partner in the relaunch of Jordan’s signature offer, Scaling School, and to develop the messaging direction and copy for the funnel. Using in-depth market research and voice-of-customer interviews we identified the messaging angle that crafted the foundation of the high-ticket application funnel.

The result? A strategic 6-part funnel that nurtures cold ad traffic, warm Podcast listeners, and email subscribers into Scaling School students.

jordan schanda king scaling school

The goal

Jordan wants to 4x student enrolment throughout 2024, reduce confusion around the offer and build out 3x evergreen funnels with all roads leading to Scaling School.

Launch copywriter for coaches and course creators

The Problem:

After starting the research phase of the project, it was clear potential students were confused about the specifics of Scaling School and what they would receive after enrolling.

As Scaling School is unlike anything else on the market, we had to make sure students understood the offer and could build demand for the unique solution.

Jordan’s main concern was that the original sales page didn’t sound like her, so getting her brand voice perfect was a top priority.

Another challenge was to create 6 unique messaging angles for each stage of the funnel that would build upon each other and take the students through the buyer journey.

The Process:

To create the foundation of our messaging strategy, we began with in-depth research and voice mining through surveys and student onboarding forms. I interviewed students who had been in the program since the initial launch, new students and people who had not enrolled for a variety of perspectives. 

To establish a strong client voice, I audited Jordan’s emails and podcast episodes and crafted her brand voice guide.

Next up, I created the messaging tiers, differentiating factors, and unique positioning for each funnel that would take the reader through the buyer journey from unaware to ready to purchase.

The research stage gave us unique angles that we would not have prioritized had we not spoken to current students and those who didn’t purchase. I also had a great library of “Jordan-isms” ready to input throughout the copy.

evergreen funnel copywriting for coaches
Launch copywriter for coaches and course creators

The Work

2x landing pages, 2x tripwires & 2x nurture sequences leading to quiz freebie

Quiz > Mini series promo sequence

Show up sequence

Sales sequence for Scaling School

Scaling School sale page

Application sequence

Lead Magnet Landing Page

Nurture Email Sample

Freebie Promo Sample

Scaling School Sales Page

jordan schanda king scaling school sales page
jordan schanda king scaling school sales page mockup

“Erin, you are our go-to copywriter and we’d love to use you for every project for every client!”

You are so amazing at conversion copy, strategy and truly working on the project until you are 100% satisfied. We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and flexibility.

- Easy Scaling®


40% conversion rate in the first week of launch

(benchmark: 20%)

conversion copywriting results

3.5 hours later…

conversion copywriting results

Long-term results: coming soon

“This is amazing, I have no edits!”

"Capturing someone's voice is one of the most challenging services that we offer our clients. Erin has the ability to embody each person and truly capture their words, their story, and the essence of their brand.

We are a team of perfectionists with high standards (especially when it comes to something so important as conversion copy for sales pages and launches) and Erin consistently blows us away.

We trust Erin to write copy for our brand and for our high ticket retainer clients and we almost always get comments like, ""This is amazing, I have no-edits!"" She is a true master of her craft!”

– Easy Scaling®

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