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Have you wondered why 80% of online business owners are complaining about low sales while the other 20% are boasting INSANE cash months?

VOC market research questions

It’s a FACT that the coaching industry is BOOMING!

And a booming industry means more competition. Where you used to have a market dominance, you don’t anymore.

If your sales are dropping, launches are plateauing, and shit’s starting to get real stressful.


You think your client's only wants to work with you 1:1 because your group programs don't sell, but you have no problem getting private clients...

... you’re likely doing at least one of these:

  • You're stuck in offer creation mode.

If you didn't get the sales you wanted in a launch, instead of improving your messaging, you either a) focus on making the offer better or b) scrap it and create a new offer.

  • You rush through writing copy.

In the months leading up to a launch, you focus more on launch strategy and offer creation and end up having to rush your copy last minute.

  • You haven’t updated your messaging or copy in years.

Your brand feels stagnant and outdated. Your copy doesn't reflect your vision, direction or offers.

  • You write what you “think” people want to hear.

Does your copy highlight messaging that's important to your audience? When was the last time you spoke to students or clients about their dreams and fears?

launch copywriting & VOC research

Change the way you sell –

In the best way

You don’t have an offer problem.

You have a messaging and connection problem.

If you want to pump those sales back up, escape being capped with 1:1 work, and scale your business with memberships and group programs you need to know your audience. Better.

Voice of customer data, surveys, market research, polls, and interviews…

⌃⌃⌃ non-negotiables if you’ve got 7-figures goals.

It’s time to start listening to your peeps and see what they have to say. And when you do, you can craft killer on-point messaging that’s the checks off the, “OMG, she’s in my head” copy you’ve been waiting for.


Keep your finger on the pulse with

Connection Cure

Client Voice & Market Research Cheat Sheet

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Write copy that actually converts. Get 45+ proven voice of customer and market research questions to find the words that connect with your audience, boost authority, build trust, and create demand for your programs.

Unlock the most powerful tool in business – Messaging Clarity



The Connection Cure Client Voice and Market Research Cheat Sheet


47 plug-and-play interview, survey, or social media questions


5 client awareness profiles to go deeper and build your buyer journey

So that you can…

  • Find the unique messaging angles that boost your authority and credibility.

  • Develop a clear picture of who you’re serving and their innermost thoughts.

  • Understand your audience and make your marketing dollars go further.

  • Take control of your website, launch, or email copy and make more sales.

Erin Launch copywriter for coaches and course creators
Launch copywriter for coaches and course creators

Hi, I’m Erin

Launch strategist, copywriter, and offer matchmaker. I teach coaches and course creators how to write connection-first copy so they can earn more and live their biggest lives.

With over 7 years in digital marketing, I’ve dedicated my career to learning sales psychology, storytelling, and developing on-point messaging so you don’t have to.

In growing oversaturated markets, it’s never been more important to improve your messaging if you want to stand out, sell more, and scale your business.

After 20 sales pages, 10 websites, 16 launch sequences, 6 hype event funnels, and an uncountable number of sales emails in just 2023, I’m a freak for researching messaging that audiences wanna hear.

Let’s make your words work harder for you…

Quantum leap your biz and completely change your life in 6 short months

This cheat sheet will give you the foundations needed to connect deeper with your audience and make it happen.

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