Get Launched

Get Launched

The Essential FREE ClickUp Template to

Plan Your Launch Copy... Know What to Write... & Stay Organised

Without Stress or Overwhelm

Plan Your Launch Copy... Know What to Write... & Stay Organised

Without Stress or Overwhelm


*ClickUp and Google Sheets Versions Available

Do You Ever Feel Like…

  • Your launch documents are everywhere - between your GDrive, your copywriter's GDrive and in your email?

  • You only have a few pieces of copy to write for your upcoming launch and then remember another piece… then another….oh god and another…

  • Your to-do list is so long that launching keeps getting pushed back?

  • Launches are SO stressful because of all the moving parts?

  • You’re throwing spaghetti at a wall trying to guess the best times to send sales emails?

What if you had ONE place you could organise ALL of your launch documents, assign relevant team members and keep track of each piece of copy and the stage it’s in?

For a fun and easy launch, you gotta stay organised

The Average Person Loses One Hour a Day Being Disorganised

Thats a loss of $24,000 a year*


Stress-Free, Sold-Out Launch Ahead

Enter the launch phase stress-free so you can focus your energy on serving your people, building up hype and making more sales.

The Get Launched Copy Organiser & Planner is your ticket to working smarter, not harder so you can focus on course creation and serving your current clients.


  • Enjoying a stress-free launch.

  • Having a repeatable and organised template that can used with every launch.

  • A strategic birds-eye view of each piece of launch copy (without hiring a project manager).

  • A one-glance template that tells you who’s working on what and what stage they’re at.

  • Replacing launch overwhelm with an easy-to-follow checklist for your pre, launch and post-launch emails and other sales copy including sales page and VSLs.

  • Increasing sales by utilising the best practices of when to send emails to your list.

  • Never losing documents in your GDrive or email accounts again.


Hi, I’m Erin!

Conversion-focused launch copywriter.

I take online coaches' copy from 'meh' to personality-packed using strategy, psychology and storytelling.

Using my unique process I’ll help you attract clients, stand out from a crowd and develop authority and trust so you can create maximum impact.

Get Launched has been designed so you can stay on track of all moving pieces in a launch, reduce overwhelm and stress and have one place for all your upcoming launch copy projects.


Stop wasting time being disorganised

Stop wasting time By being disorganised

Step Into the Powerful & Organised CEO You Are

Step Into the Powerful & Organised CEO You Are

With the Get Launched ClickUp Launch Copy Planner


What you get…

  • ClickUp Template with 4 Stages of Launch Copy To-Do Lists

  • Excel Template (If you don’t use ClickUp)

  • Intuitive Planner to link to working documents, add due dates, priorities and notes

  • Update the current workflow stage from “in process”, “to review, “sent to designer” and more

  • List and Calendar views

  • Best practices for when to send sales emails with timing and triggers

  • Assign team members directly to the Get Launched Template

  • Written and video Instructions to get the most out of the planner

  • Duplicate for every upcoming launch

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